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Life coaching

We’ll focus on finding solutions in dealing with life’s issues, using tools to reduce stress and improve understanding so you can continue the coaching process yourself.

Life coaching

We’ll focus on finding solutions in dealing with life’s issues, using tools to reduce stress and improve understanding so you can continue the coaching process yourself.

Life Coaching is a solution focused approach to dealing with Life’s issues, using techniques and tools to understand and improve your skills. Forming a foundation from which you can continue the coaching process yourself.

Is life coaching right for you?

If you feel disappointed with your life so far, we will look more specially at the areas of importance - look at what changes will achieve what results, build a plan and along the way make sure that your confidence and self-esteem are in the right place to set about those desired changes.

Our relationships can define us - together we will examine what the issues are and work towards understanding and resolving them aiming for far better way forward.

We will work on the emotional side and also the practical side of CV’s Interview skills and possibly what will be the best place for any redundancy funds!

At times we all do – by talking these things through we will be able to find the root cause and be able to employ the relevant skills to overcome these feelings – thus allowing us to be truly ourselves when making decisions or plans.

A major life change! Sometimes we are prepared, sometimes we can’t wait! Financial planning is important as is what to do with your day, how to remain focused, valued, appreciated and to find our place in this new world.

This is a key emotional need for all of us to feel appreciated and valued – together we will examine the relationships and interactions of those around you and you will understand how to communication your needs and wishes carefully – you will also learn how to recognise and appreciate yourself and others allowing there to be a mutual flow and understanding.

I will help you to re-build your confidence and self-esteem. We will focus on leaving the past behind and moving forward into the next chapter with greater awareness and knowledge.

We will discuss and examine the issue - consider the characters involved, the situation and impact then work on how best to tackle the situation making sure that dealings are professional fair and aiming for a win/win outcome.

Taking control is so very important – financial uncertainty affects just about every part of our lives and potentially restricts our plans and behavior. Starting at the beginning we will carefully look at budgets lifestyle approach and I will recommend changes to allow you to be in control.

I met Niki about 3 years ago. She’s genuine, kind, upfront and honest, which is exactly what you need in a Life Coach. I’ve previously paid hundreds of pounds on therapy and all that did was go over and over history. With Niki, we briefly touched upon history but it was more focussed on the here and now and the moving forward. Which I found to be a lot more relevant and helpful. She helps me gain perspective in personal low and confusing times.


Helping you with…

Whilst each coaching programme is unique and written specifically for you, below is a basic course outline we would follow. All work is completely confidential and will be taken at your own pace.

Initial consultion

Lets spend around 45 minutes on the phone or together here in Topsham – this will help me to understand what is going on for you and will help you to feel comfortable with me and the plans I will outline.

Working together

Some people will have just 2 or 3 sessions, others like to work together each month for a longer period. My thoughts here are to be flexible, once we have started to talk I will be able to suggest the best approach and we can agree a suitable way forward.

Moving forward

Life coaching can be a moving feast! My objective would be to share with you skills for you to self-coach in the future. Although I truly recognise that life twists and turns and not everything can be looked at in a few sessions. My door is never closed, I will always be able to pick up where we left off, so feel free to dip in and out, revisit or re-focus certain areas making sure you are on track and in control.

M: 07900 197411

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