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A glass half-full or half-empty?

Life Coaching can help you radically improve your performance and change the way you see things – so you get the very best out of your life and work.

Professional Development and Life Coaching - Niki Chalkley

What will I provide as your Life Coach?

A non-judgemental objective partner whose only agenda is your personal development and success.

A confidential sounding board within a constructive and supportive relationship.

Practical techniques to help you learn to coach yourself in the future.

Constructive, honest feedback, aimed at helping you effectively accomplish your goals and be the very best you can.

Regular progress reviews to ensure that you are getting the results that you want from your life coaching programme.

Life Coaching is a solution focused approach to dealing with Life’s issues, using tools to reduce stress, understand stress and improve your coping skills. This forms a foundation from which you can continue the coaching process yourself.

As your Life Coach, I can help you work through the things that are holding you back. This could be a lack of confidence, a limiting belief, a phobia or discord in a relationship.


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