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Career coaching

Focusing on areas such as work/life balance, personal growth, developing your effectiveness, management and people skills.

Career  coaching

Focusing on areas such as work/life balance, personal growth, developing your effectiveness, management and people skills.

Personal career coaching or professional development focuses on several aspects of your career this maybe from planning for one – to choosing one – or developing with-in your current career. Understanding your strengths and development areas will help you to make changes and grow in the most relevant and effective areas. Creating a self-coaching system to continually remain where you wish to be.

Is career coaching right for you?

Work is a good proportion of our week and our lives, fulfilment and growth are key to happiness.

Work / life Balance Not actually a Cliche! If you say 'yes' to work what are you saying 'no' to at home? To achieve a balance there needs to be as much going on outside of work as inside - sometimes it is easy to loose sight of that.

Lets examine to trigger points and what has changed, is there something else going on that detrimentally effects your performance?What measures and coping methods can we introduce to easy the way forward?

The workplace holds many interesting dynamics, not always are they in harmony.We will look at what is going on and how it impacts you and your work plus what we can do about it.

We will be looking at many aspects here - your job description, your experience and abilities, the personalities involved, why you went for the job what skills and attributes you have demonstrated that got you the job.Maybe also we'll look at fears and limiting beliefs just in case there is something emotional going on that is creating a barrier to your success.

Overlooked for promotion? Not taken seriously? Feel that you are not 'heard'? Many workplace issues can give rise to feelings of resentment or of not being valued - in turn these feelings effect our performance and happiness at work, these issues need to be understood and I will share coping methods helping you to overcome negative feelings towards others.

Is this by choice? Are you a perfectionist and therefore maybe take longer to complete tasks? Struggling to delegate 'if you want it done properly do it yourself' we need to understand the impact of this behaviour upon you and your work colleagues i.e their development and growth. By not taking a break, you are not getting exercise, vitamin 'D', space to breath, especially in sedentary jobs. In some cases you might even be isolating yourself, making others tread on eggshells around you as you are 'too' busy.

This is an exceptionally emotional time, creating stress and uncertainty - we need to examine what can be done to enable you to take control of your part of the situation. Moving on might be the right thing but equally looking at performance improvement could change the outcome.

Some times in life we have been embarrassed or we are naturally shy, we need to grow our ability to be heard, build our confidence and self esteem -  making sure that when we have something to contribute, we are able to do it competently and confidently. Working always towards a win/win outcome and consideration for all parties involved. It is difficult to say 'No' sometimes we get resentful and just 'blurt out' I will teach you workplace communication  and management skills to help you to achieve your required outcome.

I visited Niki during a particularly difficult point in my professional career. She provided me with excellent advice and guidance, and helped me gain perspective and insight that ultimately put me back on track to enjoying my work and life. Her professional experience was invaluable and her lovely approachable manner made the sessions both enjoyable and worthwhile.


Helping you with…

Whilst each coaching programme is unique and written specifically for you, below is a basic course outline we would follow. All work is completely confidential and will be taken at your own pace.

Initial consultion

Lets spend around 45 minutes on the phone or together here in Topsham – this will help me to understand what is going on for you and will help you to feel comfortable with me and the plans I will outline.

Working together

Some people will have just 2 or 3 sessions, others like to work together each month for a longer period. My thoughts here are to be flexible, once we have started to talk I will be able to suggest the best approach and we can agree a suitable way forward.

Moving forward

Life coaching can be a moving feast! My objective would be to share with you skills for you to self-coach in the future. Although I truly recognise that life twists and turns and not everything can be looked at in a few sessions. My door is never closed, I will always be able to pick up where we left off, so feel free to dip in and out, revisit or re-focus certain areas making sure you are on track and in control.

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