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During our lives we are likely
to encounter periods when
we doubt our abilities.

If left unchecked this can
inhibit our confidence to take
on further challenges.

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How many times do you touch
the same piece of paper?

Do you lose things and forget
important meetings?

Do you find that resisting that
piece of chocolate is impossible?

Working long hours?

Do you wish to be able to
spend more time with
your family?

Do you need more energy?
Is there something holding you
back from that promotion or
applying for that better job?

Where do you want to be in
five years time?

Life coaching will help you
focus, set the relevant
and realistic goals, remain
motivated enabling you to
achieve your desires.

You know we are only here once
so lets make the most of it and
enjoy every moment.

How many times have you
heard that little gremlin on your
shoulder saying ‘you can’t do
that’ or hear yourself saying
‘that’s not something I am
capable of’?

Sometimes there are old
behaviours and patterns in life
that have managed to limit our
own self belief. In turn this
limits our own performance
and behaviour.

Concentrating on your personal
values will open a whole new
level of understanding as to
why certain situations make you
angry, together we can look at
ways to control and avoid.
Here we will concentrate on
what creates this stress and
discover ways of controlling
and avoiding those stressful

Always late, always in a rush
never have time to fit in the
important work?

Do you have trouble
saying ‘No’?

Are you responsible for
coaching at work?

I can offer you support and
guidance to enhance your own
and your teams performance.

Do you have that burning
feeling that there is more out
there for you?

Do you want some help
breaking those ‘habits of a

Has your lifestyle been changed
for you and you want some help
managing this?

Life brings many challenges
and not all of them seem
positive, I will enable you to
make the most of these
challenges and truly benefit
from the outcome.

Sometimes we have trouble
sticking to our plans, I can
offer you professional guidance
in not only setting goals for
yourself but also keeping you
on track.

We can make sure that
the goals you are setting are
right for you and realistic.

Working or home relationships, how well do you understand them and what benefit could there be if the relationships you have are more harmonious?
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