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One and two day workshops are available – these are one to one, where we will work on a specific area.
Workshops are specifically written with your desired outcome in mind, a small amount of pre-workshop work is required.
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Helping you to understand what stress is, where your stress is coming from and learning how to avoid and manage it.

life coaching life coaching - all of the tools
interpersoanl relationship skills
Work/Life Balance work/life balance
Removing Emotional blocks removing emotional blocks
Time Management time management
Stress Management stress management

Always late, always under time pressure, struggling with ‘work life balance’ ? Our time management workshop will teach you the ‘tricks of the trade’ removing the stress and embarrassment of lateness and the frustration and guilt surrounding poor work life balance.

To be fair, if there are emotional ‘things’ getting in your way of progression – your life planning and goal setting is going to be an uphill struggle.

Using Logosynthesis together we can remove those blocks and free you to live your life harmoniously.

Once you get this right, you are ‘in control’ then free to enjoy your work life,  home life, your Friends and Family without the feelings of guilt and the pressures of expectations.

Are you experiencing problems with-in your working or home life relationships? We can end up feeling that’s ‘it’s all our fault’ ‘where are we going wrong’ or ‘why is the world against me’ This workshop helps you to understand the dynamics of close relationships, work through problems and bring about an equal ‘win win’ situation every time.

Designing your Own Future

How to De-clutter Your Life

Starting Again
‘A Personal Discovery’

Retirement & You/
Redundancy & You

How to Say 'No' Nicely.

Creating the Assertive New You.


Building Your Confidence.

How to Socialise Effectively.

The Art of Negotiation.

Effective Selling.

Basic Sales Techniques.

Sales Management.

A condensed life coaching workshop – You don't miss anything, just condense the six sessions into a 2 day workshop – giving you the understanding and tools to make positive changes and set life goals now and in the future.